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    The Cave city is a shelved wall that is about 8 meters long, 2 meters high, and 0.5 meter depth on averge. It is used as a massive diorama foall the figures. It mixes together Fantasy and Sci-Fi components. Here is a list of projects currently being worked on in the Cave city:




    Replace some missing and broken light sabres3D printing
    Complete the stairs from the village to the portsBuilding
    Finish painting the palacepainting
    Add lights to the Castle level and the rest of the villageElectrical
    Fix the Benders WallBuilding
    Re-glue the clanker walkersMaintenance
    Add lights to the Walker factory and Sith landing padsInstallation
    Finish masking and coloring the background of the entire dioramaPainting
    Create rolling shelves for the Shipyard in level 4.Installation
    Replace cockpits for salvaged star fightersCustomization
    Fill the team and unit information for the remaining teamsData Entry

    Cave city: