• 9.3- battle log

    Cave village is a sea and space port with spaceship maintenance and portal technology. The village economy is based on trade, minig, fishing, agriculture, weapons smuggling, lodging, and vessel maintenance. Main products are wheat, vegetables, seaweed, fish, pearls, gems, fuel, cattel, and customer weapons and battle walkers. There are significant bounty hunting, smuggling, and loaning services too. Troops from three adversaries reached middle ground in the valley. There was a magical tree in the middle of the field that gives magical offensive powers to whoever controls it. It has been heard that troops controlling the tree by having more individuals in touch with it than others get +D4 in their offenses. Tha is, in addition to the protection it gives by providing elevation and cover. While the battle was ensuing on the fields, the space pioneer army was attempting to throttle the “Cave village expedition” from gaining air superiority over the valley. Two starships and an imperial knight came face to face with deadly consequences. The three armies sent their best warriors to fight by the junkyard...

  • 9.4- Sample skirmish

    The British and Cossacks are almost the same cost. The Brits are less but they are very well equipped compared to the Cossacks. Cossacks arrived first and chose the land, while Brits will start their attack first. The objective is annihilation of the opposing team and keeping control of the sky plateau.

  • British go first. Commander orders the corporal with bugle to move his team forward 6 inches and fire their muskets at the tree Cusacks in the middle to try to break their lines.

They roll 9, 8, and 3 killing one guy and severely injuring the other two.

First the fire range of the rifles was verified and the three targets were within 10 inches range @. A rifle’s impact ! is 5, so for the three rolls, the outcome was: 5 x .9 = 4.5 ~= 5, the first Cossacks health points is 5, he is dead. 5 x .8 = 4.0 ~= 4, the second Cossacks health points is 5, he is injured with 5-4= 1 health point left. You can use dice to note that. 5 x .3 = 1.5 ~= 2, the third Cossacks health points is 5, he is injured with 5-2= 3 health points left. Cossacks don’t defend for the following reasons: No medic is available to heal injured units. They can tell from the enemy’s attack that the range was 10 inches and they know their flint locks have 5 inch range, so it is not worth it to waste any ammo. Retreat is a very bad move since they can only win if they get nearer to the enemy depriving them from their long range rifle range.

On their turn, Cossacks move forward 6 inches bringing the Brits into their flintlocks’ range and fire the 5 flintlocks that seem to be in range. They target the bugle teams’ 3 guys and roll 9, 8, 7, 4, and 3. flintlocks’ range is verified and only the two guys in the middle ( who happen to be the two injured guys) are in range. We consider the highest 2 dice and ignore the other 3.

The outcome was: 5 x .9 = 4.5 ~= 5, the British corporal health points is 5, he is dead. 5 x .8 = 4.0 ~= 4, the Other British private health points is 5, he is injured with 5-4= 1 health point left.

The two british soldiers defend themselves by firing back at the Cossacks that attacked them rolling a 9 and a 1. Similar to the impact calculations shown above they score impact of 5 and 1 which will kill both Cossacks. The corporal cannot respond because he is dead.

Ottoman Team British Team

9.5- Sample battle reports

9.5.1- Minotaurs vs Orcs

A battle between the Orcs and the minotaurs. The orcs have tried to take out the individual minotaurs by ganging up against them one by one while the minotaurs tried to weaken every orc a bit. Then the minotaurs' commander Tyr decided to attack the Uruk Hai orc commander to prevent them from launching these coordinated attacks. Once the orc commander died the Minotaurs picked on the orcs one by one but soon it was just Tyr alone fighting the orc gang. Tyr was able to win the battle because all the orcs were previously injured and it was easy to kill them all. The hill remains with the Minotaurs.

Minotaurs Team Orcs Team

9.5.2- Shock troopers vs centaurs

This battle was a standoff between the ancient Centaur clan and the most likely to be the new guard of the sky plateau. The dragon castle and old ruins on the plateau provided coverage and attack superiority to whomever controls them. The ruins provided a +D6 while the three stages of the castle provided +D6, +D8, and +D12. The objective was to grab and hold the dragon castle for 3 consecutive turns to win the battle. The Centaurs arrived first to the plateau and setup in a cavalry line formation 20 inches away from the castle. The shock trooper arrived later and setup 20 inches from the castle and 5 inches from the ruins. The troopers strategy was to keep the distance and inflict as much damage as possible on the advancing cavalry, preventing it for taking control of the castle and from damaging too many troopers. Part of that strategy was to relocate the suppression gun in the ruins and gain the +D6. The Centaur strategy was to close the gap as soon as possible using their speed (x2 that of a trooper) and leave a uni or two behind to grab and hold the castle for 3 rounds. For a while it looked that the Centaurs had a chance to implement their attack since the troopers almost lost their only light missile attack due to a 1 on a D10 that targeted the Centaurs commander. The Centaurs closed the gap pretty quickly but to do so, their troops had to come close together to pass the corridor between the cliff and the castle. The troopers saw and used an opportunity to launch all their thermal detonators at the commanders of the centaur clan. The commanders eventually died and the command hierarchy was disabled and it was up to individual units to act. The centaurs clan lost all its archers too. One of the centaurs managed to take control of the castle for 2 rounds and defend it against a team of troopers. Alone, he managed to chop down a sergeant and a private. However, the counter for grab and hold was reset. As the rest of the troopers advanced cleaning up the rest of the remaining cavalry the managed to target and kill the centaur holding the castle and win the game by annihilating the whole clan and taking control of the castle. Even though the centaurs were more expensive than the shock troopers there were three main issues with them that lead to their defeat. They lacked range weapons and depended mainly on melee. They lacked explosive weapons. They go crammed in the corridor with the two commanders and two archers too near to each other. The magic potions they had were designed very poorly and it didn't help much.