• 7-Army sheet database:

    A battle depends on having teams which depends on having units. Units are defined and priced based on their skills which in turn are partially defined by global defaults that pertain to the skill’s class.

    7.1- Where are the global defaults

    Default values of skill classes and terrain bonusses and weaknesses are hosted in the armory sheets Default values . Check the two tabs called “DefaultValues” and “OtherDefaults”.

    7.2- Where is the list of all skills?

    There is a “skills” sheet, in the armory sheet mentioned above, that has around 500 skills. When you add skills to any unit all skills are lookable from that sheet.

    7.3- Where is the template to create new units and teams?

    Use the following file link as a template. You’ll need to copy it, rename it, rename the “Template” sheet inside it. Then fill it with units. Sample Template Here

    7.3- Where are the current teams?

    All teams are hosted on the following google drive folders. Make sure you use the grid view to be able to see the price and picture of every team Teams Prices

    7.4- Where are the battle sheets?

    A battle sheet template exists Here

    7.5- Where should one host the pictures of units?

    Anywhere public where a direct link to the image can be generated. We recommend flicker or google.

    7.6- Can you help me with the army sheets?

    Also, Can you host my figure database? and can I use the same skills database? Can you do data entry for me? Can I buy or trade some figures or parts from Warlogic? The general answer is yes. If you send us public links to the pictures we can accomodate for that. Please contact us via warlogicgame@gmail.com

    7.7- I have an old figure, how do I identify it?

    Figure type

    Database Website

    G.I. Joe


    Star wars




    Lanard Corps




    7.8- Where can figures be bought?

    Any toy or hobby shop. You can also make them yourself. They can be just cards if needed. If you live in Waterloo, Ontario, here are some cool places you should check out:

    J&JStar wars, Papo, Schleich, Playmobil, LEGO, Warhammer
    Toy soup factoryA
    Just by chanceClosed
    St Jacobs Antiques MarketStar trek, Star Wars, Schleich, GiJoe,
    Market Road AntiquesA
    The Toy SocietyA
    Marauder Gun RunnersQuality 1:18 scare action figures, parts, and accessories.marauderinc
    Acid rainAacidrainworld
    Master MindPlaymobil, Schleich, LEGO
    Hobby shop near costcoAa
    LEGO shop in Farmers marketAa
    Vitruvian HACKSAa
    Comic shop uptownAa
    Comic book downtownAa

    7.7- Can you support battles and arbitrate conflict that relate to rule interpretation ?

    Yes. Please contact us via warlogicgame@gmail.com

    7.8- What are current projects and which lists Warlogic is working on?

    Plenty. Coming Soon!